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Dale : Excuse me. Could you tell me how to get to the Palace Museum? Nancy: You can take Bus 5. The driver will tell you where to

谈论一周的时间安排talk about a week's schedule谈论一周的时间安排talk about a week's schedule

A: Do you have any plan on this holiday? B: I would like to travel around, but I am not sure where to go? A: Have you been to New Zealand before? B: Yes, it's quite a beautiful country. A: How about America? B: No, it's too expensive, and it's not safe

1--What's on the box tonight,does anyone know?2--Oh nothing much.There's Panorama at eight foran hour.1--Oh good.2--And then there's the football at nine twenty-five.I want to see that.1--Oh not again

A three minutes speech is not short.

第一篇 Jerry:What are you reading,Mary? Jerry:你在看什么,Mary? Mary:A holiday brochure. Mary:度假手册. Jerry:Cool!Where're you going? Jerry:酷!你要去哪里? Mary:Greece.I just need my plane ticket and I'm off. Marry:希腊.我只要

Hi, Lucy, long time no see. How is everything going? 好久不见,最近怎么样?Not so good. 不太好 What happened? 怎么啦?You know the final exam is coming and I'm a little worried about my results. 期末考试快到啦,我有点担心我的成绩

1:我的假日(My vacation) My vacation was very interesting. I did my homework on first day. I played table tennis on second day. I watched TV on the third day. I went shopping on the fourth day. I… But I liked my going shopping best. On Sunday,

Jerry:What are you reading,Mary?Jerry:你在看什么,Mary?Mary:A holiday brochure.Mary:度假手册.Jerry:Cool!Where're you going?Jerry:酷!你要去哪里?Mary:Greece.I just need my plane ticket and I'm off.Marry:希腊.我只要拿到机票就

A: Show us our itineraries, please.请给我们看看旅游日程吧.B: We'll first go to Versailes, then we'll go to Saint Denis.我们首先去凡尔赛宫,然后去圣丹尼斯大教堂.A: Can you show me a brochure for tour courses?你能给我看一下线路手册吗?

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