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You know, the guests are asked to do the original bill of lading, we also have to get the original FCR and the bill of lading, I also have the original FCR sent to the guests!Now you notice that we will send you the original FCR, in order to delivery with

(1)According to the request of the order form , that order to redo the test of the A and the B The results be showed the A is indeed smell more fragrant than B .which seem to indicate the formula A of the penetrotion fragrant degree be better than B .

I'm sorry to inform you that because one 20-container cannot hold all of the goods, and since the time is urgent, we have loaded one 20 ft c

SIS is discussing this matter with their Financial Department. But the project manager of SIS believed it is not feasible because the Financial Department already closed their books at the end of the year.

1) As the cargo preparation has been completed ahead of schedule, we hope we can deliver the goods to our client earlier. Could you please check for us any shipping lines available for the time between 30th October and 3rd November ? Kindly tell

Thank you very much for your timely response.Because of the school before I pay tuition time has some misunderstanding, so I always plan is in early October to pay tuition. If the September 8, let I paid, before all of the funds tuition, I may not be very

I noticed some contradictions after thoroughly reading it. If Irving was subconsciously prejudiced against women , then why would he write about the meekness of Rip Van Wrinkle? If Dame Van Winkle was the one who caused her husband's

The products that have already manufactured are kept in the cold store for the moment. Before shipment, we will check them once again. We will have them redone if the quality does not reach the standard.

Thank you for shopping with us.Regretfully, the model you ordered was sold out. Because of the coming Chinese new year, many of the stores have already shut down their business. We hope you can wait for one week after which is the end of the

we give away the dark ,be free the blight .水平不高,仅供参考

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