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帮忙续写英语作文。 一个爱情故事 高中必修三英语书第一单元的阅读是讲A SAD LovE Stor

好怀念的英语书.Now Li Fang found his girl friend Hujin was waiting for him, he suddently realized that he had mistaken the appointment's place. He felt so sorry but he didn't how to do for he both had thrown the gifts away and been lated for the

2 years passedWhen the couple met again.Now they was calm.When they talled about why they broke up,they could face it.The missunderstanding fanilly obvious.LiFang looked nervous.He was send to USA last 2 years and lost his mobilephone.

原创]高中英语教材研究之一:莫名其妙的爱情故事2008-02-27 16:41:41.0 人教版高一英语第三模块第一单元,Using Language 部分,有一篇文章,<A SAD LOVE STORY> 编者认为这是一个发生在情人节的伤心的爱情故事.故事是这样的:

Li was surprised to see Hu waiting for him at the tea house. But, he had no gifts in hand now. That was bad. Hu had waited for him for a long time and she had gifts in her hand. " What can I do?" Li asked himself." All right, she has not seen me


我不记得这篇课文的内容,但标题是一个悲伤的爱情故事.题目答案要按照文章内容看,选项在句中应当充当目的状语.A项,是指他进如咖啡厅等待女友.那么要看文章中女友是否活着,或者是否能赴约.B项是指他特意去那家咖啡厅与老板共饮,要看文章是否有这个含义.C项是Li Fang进入一家咖啡厅喝着咖啡,沉溺在悲伤中.(比如如果他的女友过世,就在怀念女友一样的伤感心情).D项指他进咖啡厅去给女友打电话.我不知道文章内容,但按标题来看选C的可能性最大,你要斟酌一下.

必修3 unit 1 take place 发生 beauty n. 美;美人 harvest n.

As he sadly passed the tea shop on the corner on his way, Li Fang heard his name called. It was Hujin. He didn't think Hujin would love him any longer. He was so sad. But to his surprise, Hujin went to him with a beautiful flower. Li Fang didn't

a sad love story续写带翻译A Sad Love Story.Recently, there is a famous love stroy between two ducks. 最近有一个非常著名的两只鸭子相爱的故事.They were born together, fell in love together, and enjoyed life together. 他们一起出生,一起相爱

MY BIRTHDAY 我的生日Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part in it.The tea party began at half past six. There were cold drinks and

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