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abstract: we held an online vote and analyzed data collected from the netizens to study the prospect of the development of chinese comics and animations and the reason of their failure. the result showed that most netizens took a dim view on their

Competition in our society is not only about knowledge and skills, it is more about our will, our mindset and people skills. Due to different history, traditions and culture, there are large differences on concepts of education between the West and the


Global market competition, makes the enterprise special attention to employees incentive. And talent management is the key to incentives. How to establish good effective incentive mechanism, different enterprises, the same enterprise in different

Dear Sir / Madam,I am terribly sorry that our products you ordered are out of stock at the present as demand exceeds supply. The next batch of commodities

Could you tell us detail informaion about the Notification, sizes, and requirements, based on which we'll manufacture them. Thanks.

I'd say that sometimes nature is hard for us human beings to control要我说有时人类要控制自然是很难的It is to say that at first

A:很高兴见到你们,王子殿下! Glad to see you, prince!B":爱伦先生,我也是. Me too, Mr. AllenA:这是您的王妃吗?很漂亮,很可爱啊. Is this your wife? She

Fostering English learners' cultural consciousness for learning English is very important. 2003 promulgated "college English curriculum requirements" explicitly pointed out to "let students understand western culture, such as customs, science

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