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My school is Nanpu pramary school.It has three teaching buildings.in front of the building,there is a beautiful garden.Many flowers is planted there.Our playground is behind the builing,After class,i often play games with my friends there.翻译:我所在的学校叫南浦小学.学校有3幢教学楼,教学楼前有一个美丽的花园.那儿种了许多花.我们的操场就在教学楼的背后.课后,我经常和我的朋友们在那嬉戏.

my college life You may feel that college life is boring. We do not know how to deal with the plenty of spare time. But I think the college life will become wonderful as long as you make it meaningful. In your spare time, you could play basketball, football

我的大学 My College When I was in high school, go to college ismy dream. Now I realize my dream. excited as I am, the first time I see mycollege.在高中的时候上大学就是我的梦想.现在我实现了我的梦想.第一次看到我的大学时,我很兴奋.My

I'm studying in the (NO.1)school.It's very (big) and (clean).There are (42)classrooms ang (12)offices.There are two playgrounds in my school .We can have PEclass in the small playground and play basketball or football in the big playground.There

My school is very beautiful. I like my school very much. There is a big playground in my school and we often play sports on it . My classroom is big and clean.There are many books in the library.I often read books here.There are some music rooms


College life As a sophomore, I feel that the time flies. You may consider that college life is boring. As we don't know how to deal with the plenty of spare time. But I define the college life will become wonderful . Frist, I am a girl who like freedom. In my

原发布者:度米文库 我的学校英语作文带翻译【篇一:初中英语作文:我的校园生活myschoollife】初中英语作文:我的校园生活myschoollifemynameislily,agradeeightstudent.ilikemyschoollifeverymuchbecauseitsreallyenjoyable.inschool,

《Mycampuslife》《我的校园生活》 Campuslifeornamentmypath,itinmyheartwillalwaysbegood. 校园生活点缀了我的人生之路,它在我心中永远是美好的. Campuslifenotonlylooksboringcourse,

My campus life First I must say that campus life is really different from what I have experienced in high school. For instance, I used to be waken up by my dormitory teacher to avoid being late for my class. But now I have to set several alarm clocks to

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