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grow / be tired of 这在特别受害者司的案例中很常见,因为人们会对询问感到厌烦,对回顾那些事件感到疲倦.That happens often in special victims cases whenpeople grow tired of the questioning and weary ofreliving the event.2.get bored with 她

be tired of 对..感到厌倦 I am tired of watching TV.

感到厌烦的应该是“feel bored”boring意思是令人厌烦的.

厌倦 [ yàn juàn] 例句与用法: 人民对这场战争越来越厌倦了. The people are growing weary of the war. 她厌倦谈论她的子女. She is tired of talking about her children. 玛丽厌倦穿红色衣服. Mary gets tired of wearing red dresses. 我已经厌倦了,

sick of sth

be tired of sb/sth 对……厌烦be tired with/from sth由于……而疲倦

厌倦 [yàn juàn]dreary关联词条:be sick of ennui pall of sicken of sick weary weariness taedium boredom be tired of tired of tire

厌倦[简明汉英词典] [yànjuàn]1. be sick of2. boredom3. ennui4. pall of5. sicken of6. tire7. weariness

1)be tired of sth2)be fed up with3)be bored with sth4)be sick of 就我知道的就只有四种,望采纳!

对什么感到厌烦翻译成英语:Be tired of what

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