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now enclosed(或 the attachment) is the consignment bill, please sign it and send back to me as soon as possible

To inspire humans` creative ,many people explore the nature.The experience of life is as important as knowledge learnt in school.The life in school not only include having classes ,but also chatting with other classmates.The government be ought to

1. You increase the sales, distribution of your success is evidence of my products. 2. Feasible approach might be to provide a low-grade but is still acceptable quality low-priced products. 3. Urgently needed by the user's machine orders, and in fact

for your order 1156, we can accept your payment made by money order with a long-term recommendations.After loading the goods, we will like you by 60 days of the bill, please pay at maturity.

3. We hereby to confirm the phone negotiation this morning and firstly enclose Longjing Green Tea under the order no. CT504, CIF LONDON 36 per pound to be shipped on 7th June. 6. As a compromise, we suggest that 40% of the order amont

thanks for your printing cotton samples sent on sep. 13th, 2007. i am very satisfied with the price and the quality, and willing to place a order of 300 yards -pattern number72 - unit prices us$12 per yd with total amount us$3600. i need the goods

1. many students all live in the easy and comfortable family, their food and clothing non-sorrow life, but their parents entire year bustles about. 2.这句还不会. 3. Edison asked he the mother why hen can have the chicken, but he cannot actually? 4. his

1.The Siberian Husky is a lifetime do not know the host, they may be because every day to meet you and think you are special, but it can't improve their iq.2.The Siberian Husky faithful? Raise the huskies people know: with this stuff out do not let go,

1、We recognize that price is to maintain and expand the market an important factor.2、At this moment we have not until you get the name of the shipment of goods contract information.3、In this case, we obviously can not be extended again due

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