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旁白:在这个月底,Henry已经很富有了,并再不怕监狱了.Henry穿着华贵的衣服,驱车经过了那对兄弟在PORTLAND PLACE(地名:波特兰地区)的房子,看到他们已经回来了,并去找到了在朋友家的Portia.HENRY:亲爱的,正如你今天

the million pound bank note 一百万英镑的银行支票


Having not a penny in hand, the American named Henry Adams arrived in London by accident. Meanwhile, the two millionaires Roderick and Oliver were betting on whether a people with a million pounds only can live in London for a month.

NARRATOR Now ladies and gentlemen , you're about to hear the most incredible tale. It is the summer of 1903, and Henry Adams, an American business, has had some very bad luck. He is lost in London. He has no money and does not know

http://wenku.baidu.com/view/cc0cc47931b765ce05081418.html你找一下整片的翻译都在里面,而且是很准确的中文版. 我不知道你的文章第几段的.我也不好说啊.


It is the summer of 1903. An impecunious American--Henry landed in London by accident, Because he has none, he becomes the object of a wager between two wealthy brothers, who want to find out if a man with a million pound note in his bank

Unit 3 The Million bank noteAct I, Scene 3 NARRATOR: It is the summer of 1903. Two old and wealthy brothers, Roderick and Oliver, have made a bet. Oliver believes that with a million pound bank note a man could survive a month in London. His

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