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哪位英语高手帮忙翻译一下 谢谢了

I am responsible for the school students in 32 Chinese students during the planning for the Christmas trip to Scotland for a period of seven days, to Nottingham's STA (Students'Travel Agency) Manager Phil an e-mail contact with the matter. Want to

Song dynasty, multiple minorities regime. And if the past 13 of the feudal dynasties of song dynasty, the background is compared with the essential condition of the 13: on the one hand, liao, xia, jin minority regime had poses a serious threat to song,

So you may be tired But I wish, Because I love you Are willing to give up everything for you Including life ~

This is a reports from the news paper,Some body have seen this scene form Si Fang Supermarket main gate, In April 11,2010 at about 4.30pm. A motorcycle had crashed with a cyclist student, his right leg was seriously injured and the bicycle also damaged.

Mathematic expectation's computation and applies the abstract: In the practical life, many questions may directly or use the mathematic expectation to solve indirectly, the mathematic expectation is one of random variable most important digital

I am the lighthouse in a jet black night, captain saw has a ship to beable to bump into with him Thereupon he has sent out the signal:Please changes yours direction to the east 10 Opposite party hitsmeets the signal: Please change your direction,

oh,my lover ,tonight is cold like water I pray for our love midnight I am a materialist,but pious like a Chrisyian heaven so vast ,lost myself night so calm,wake myself I think you must dream quietly our before our today our future and our mood flash away

Anyone who's going to have the class tonight, please help fill in the budget gap for the absents, and then get all your money back by the reimbursement of this month.(Sorry for the inconvenience that the club won't provide invoices, please help

When I was younger, parents and neighbors often ask me, growing up wants to do what? Nianguobanbai's grandfather, more concerned about the little girl, often says: granddaughter of the future must have a good career, then naive I always know

一天早上,先生.史密斯收到一封信.他打开信封,对他的妻子说:“有人送这两个今晚的歌剧票.那不是很好.“是谁送的? "问史密斯先生.“一定是我们的一个朋友.”当然,他们都是幸福的.晚饭后他们穿上最好的衣服,去看戏.他们玩得很高兴.但是当他们回到家的时候,他们并没有快乐.前门是开着的,几乎一切都会在他们的房子是一去不复返了.放在厨房桌子上有一个音符.它是这样写的:“现在你看到谁派你来的”

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