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请大家帮忙翻译一下 航空公司发来的 翻译软件翻译的不采纳 谢谢

please feel free to ring the bill if you need any kind of service after you awake


January 2005 enter taeco aircraft engineering Co., LTD, which have made during the machine B747-200/300/400, MD11, B737-300/400/500/800, B767, A / 330/340, one B747-400. A330/340 preferred to guest do 35, mainly responsible for the

Cebu airlines:Hello, I have booked a flight from Callipo to Manila on 2014 August 27(booking date: flight number:, passenger :), ,since I received a notice from your company that my flight time had changed, so I want to change my flight date to 2014

In the second half of 2014 is extraordinary for sheet metal workshop, we respectively the UR - CLT, VP - BOZ and VP - BOQ for PYLON MOD modified.In the task of UR - CLT plane, the customer brought about by the various problems and the

所发生的情况要视其对地球有多大的依赖性.ps:这里what happened=the things

Main work is to make the initial checking report of the mold. Based on product provided by customers , Analyze its parting line , gel-point the location and molding problems ,make a detailed report for the customer to confirm. meanwhile draw 2D

航空航天翻译 航空航天工程主要是从事研究、设计与开发飞机 / 飞行器、 航天器 / 宇宙飞船、导弹、航天站、登月交通工具等高速交通工具的工程学科.作为国防尖端技术


Public evaluation in modern social scale, is a country to treat animal attitude, is an important sign to measure the degree of social civilization, and animal welfare issues rise to the level of legislation, is a sign of social progress. Therefore, "the

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