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I attended the admission examination for medical school.

Children's rights should be accordanced by law.accordance的意思是给予再看看别人怎么说的.

你怎么去学校?如果你坐公交就说: I go to school by bus.如果是走: I go to school on foot.如果骑车:I go to school by bicycle.

What attracts me is not Jazz and the hot-to-death food here, but the fact that in this city people take life rather recklessly , while not too seriously.

世人-----people而已 Sophie believes that people would be amazed by his son's talent.仅供参考,谢谢欣赏

the private schools have admitted more students

This altitude makes me feel dizzy and I can not go down the mountain.

He believes that most of disease which affected male can be detected by preventive check-ups.或He believes most diseases that commonly affect men could be addressed by preventive check-ups.

In addition to the full time job, he has to do all the chores.

Jim adjusted his alarm to the accurate time.adjustto把.调整到.

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