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求大神帮忙翻译下面这段英文......必有重谢😘😘 ...

Hey, What are you doing? 嘿,你在干嘛呢? I am thnking after reading this book. 读这本书后,我在想事情. What are you thinking about? 那你在想什么呢? I am imaging what it will be if turning this book into a movie. 我在想象如果把这本书变

I can't see what is in your mind. 我弄不明白你在想什么But I love you very much. 但我很爱你In the day you ignore me. 在你不理我的这些日子里I feel time goes by me slowly a second by a second. 我感觉时间就是一秒一秒在我眼前慢慢的走It's the


Small in Inner Mongolia business enterprise corporate culture construction present condition and development research

In China, there is a saying, "you have to know yourself." The earliest example of this idea was Lao-tzu. Lao-tzu said in the book of morals that "the wise man is wise, the self knows." "Self-knowledge" means that a person should have a

Our Wu arrives door and window to contain different meaning.Certainly, the door is to build to let people enter, but, the window be sometimes also an import and export to use, like in petty thief or novel is private invite of the lover like to climb a


Although we have different duties,I do get the same pay as he.虽然我们有不同的职责,但我确实和他的报酬一样.望采纳

I don't think anyone would [refuse/be reluctant] to have a look around: reading more people and [seeing/viewing] more places can not only make you understand the world, but also make you know yourself. Some (people) travel by luxury cruise, which

自古以来凡是大伟人,他们出仕为官或辞官隐退,上天也似乎很惜才,必定等到时机成熟,像射箭一样弓拉满了才发箭,没有人在支使他们,又好像有人在冥冥中支使着他们. 迭乞开缺:接连请求补任缺员.开缺:官吏因故去职或死亡,造成职位空缺,尚待选人充任.

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