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but today, i don't want to talk about how well that china developed, and how great the economics became, because someone would have the correct evaluation. i just want to take this opportunity to talk about humanity, setting China as the example.

I used to think that's my youth: an arbitrary and free life. Later on, I found myself wrong. Parents went disappointed upon me, for I had gone far away from their expectation. From little by little, I got the idea of responsibility. I began to know that I'm

I sincerely feel miserable about your fight with your friend. Although I know that you won't be able to see this and understand my feelings, but it's alright as long as you're still there. just looking at you eases my sadness I really miss you. Stay in


Three generations of four women life course the general situation of 19 century to 20 century women seeking independence, grasp the fate of its own, the changes of the search for happiness in a process. Only male or female mature and unilaterally

Queen Mary was a magnificent butterfly. During her youth life of 25 she was believed as free, noble and lucky. She fluttered around, happily and beautifully, and was welcomed everywhere. People adored her. Just because she was young that she

its maiden voyage. But who also didn't expect that, after four days of the night, the ship will hit an iceberg, and then sink, 1500 people were buried at sea, its glorious life also since then draw a full stop. When we first saw the movie, when we are

The aquarium again two weeks ago, opening. It is China's largest aquarium, gymnasium exhibition fish more than 1000 kinds. Recent aquarium will hold a exhi-bition people for protection of endangered species. I really hope you can come to China, I will take you to visit the aquarium, I think you will like there

Why would i love you so much? Even i think my love to you is baffling, but i can not control myself. I try my best to be close to you, i imagine that you will be touched because of my effort

You have been aring being the matter that you likes, you the lives every day all very fascinating, you to my felling is thus true, you have your own explicit position, you will very simply say that you likes what, don't like what, I like thus of you, this is the

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