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求助 要做名片 职位英文翻译 活动执行的英文名称翻译

guangdong province jiangmen pengjiang district tangxia town rich tang two group 12 yangtze river group, glory abundant industry limited company. chief engineer , craft manager, quality manager.

Finance Management Centre;Purchase Management Centre;Human Resource Management Centre;Operations Management Centre;

总代表助理Assistant Chief Representative 行政主管 Administrative Director 出纳Cashier 宁夏区销售总监 Regional Sales Director of Ningxia 宁夏区实施工程师Implementing Engineer of Ningxia 宁夏区实施顾问Implementing Consultant of Ningxia 宁夏商务厅附楼Affiliated Building of Ningxia Business Office

活动执行activity executive副总经理the deputy general manager创新营销Marketing Innovation项目总监project director互动营销interactive marketing

副总经理 Deputy General Manager 或者 Vice President, 主要看总经理怎么写的,跟着来财务总监 Finance Director 或者 CFO (Chief Financial Officer 首席财务官)工程部 经理 Manager of Engineering Department维保部 经理 Manager of

Capital manager Capital management director.Captital management department Accounting directorEnergy Division senior managerEnergy Division3rd Business trade department director 3rd Business trade departmentLegal consultant/specialist

常务副总= vice managing director品保处 -处长、副处长 QC department, director/deputy director生产部 -部长、副部长 production department, director/deputy director生产处 -处长、副处长 production department, director/deputy director供销部 -部

高级结构工程师 Senior Structural Engineer 软件部部长 Minister of Software Engineering 商务部部长 Commerce Minister 硬件部 Hardware sector

办公室主任/副主任 Office Manager/Deputy Director of General Office 人力资源科科长/副科长 Deputy Manager Personnel Dept /Deputy Manager Personnel Dept 安检科科长/副科长 chief of safety inspection/deputy chief of safety inspection工程科科长/副科长 Engineering Director /second Engineering Director 财务科科长/副科长 Chief of Finance /deputy chief of Finance

1.行政部 Department of Administion2.总务部 Department of General Services 3.人事部 Human Resource Department/ Personnel Department4.策划宣传部 Department of Public Relationship5.招生办 Admissions office6.财务部 Finace department

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