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题主我不是很确定你说的 mdfels 是什么意思,我想应该是models.my friend and i went to a fashion show last saturday, it was definitely a memorable experience for me. the fashion shou was held at wenhua square on april 11th. we went there at

The fashion show notice7夜~Cassiopeiaの回答希望可以帮助到您,祝您游戏愉快!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~如若能解答您的疑问,还请采纳5星满意答案_原创√ 能解决√ 谢谢

Hello Tom,a fashion show will be hold by our school.In my opinon,your style is not only good but also pofessionable,which makes you perfect for attending this show.According to what I say,why not spare no effort to show yourself in this show.By


fashion show.

Models were invited to participate in the 16 fashion show模特被组织邀请去参加16场的时装表演如果对您有帮助请采纳 谢谢Models were invited to participate in the 16 fashion show模特被组织邀请去参加16场的时装表演

planet is warming. What is still open for debate is how much of the warming is due to human activites, and what all the potential effects will be worldwide. The Pentagon commissioned a report on the possibility of rapid climate change -- in particular

I have a busy day . It's Saturday . On Saturday , I eat breakfast at six o'clock.For I'm student.I'm in the middle school . I learn English very well. I'm a class monitor.All teacher

Dear Mrs Smith, There will be a fashion show designed and performed by the students in our school on July12th,2012 next week.It will be held at 8:00一10:00 PM in our school hall. Could we have

Hello,everyone.I am so glad to stand here.First of all,I will introduce myself.My name is,I amyears old this year.I have many hobbies,such as:reading.dancing.writing and so on.Also I like English very much.I think English is very useful for us,

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