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(Lonely sitting on the grass thinking of you)(Every day I look up .. days)(I do not know why the brain where all you like)(I only hope you happy)(Because I love you like)(Because I forget about you pig)(I will be happy you happy)

Nanjing Confucius temple, the Chinese civilization is snacks in nanjing, where all the features snacks like plum pudding: some, etc., are nanjing extremely characteristicSnacks, is beyond praise. In addition, the ever-present jolly naning confucous

You told me just one day before my birthday that you want to break up with me, I felt so sad, but I didn't want to let you know. You said you sill like me, you wanted to break up just because you're afraid of effecting our studies, I know it, so I don't hate

Teacher Chang How was your lastYou know what? Since the last of the high school I felt very much pressure is very large, multi-disciplinary than the junior high school homework but also a few doors of sleep every night, I really miss the lack of time off before junior high school life with you 虽然语法可能有错误,但对方一定会看懂

Everything you did was for one person or more!I shouldn't have been angry with you!I knew that!However it's just hard for me to hold myselfMaybe it's a kind of selfishYou let me down , I was pissed off after all

Topic: National Day life. This year's National Day put seven days off, I don't know what to do. I don't like others to travel. Many students before the house, nor are far to find their National Day to play, so the special boring, everyday is sleeping, Internet, watching TV, feel again the summer that day.

At my view I'm a lifeful and simple Orienst woman who had received well education, healthy, with nice character, enough smart and gentle, sincere and kind, and also sanguine of life, charming,confident,with humor,and can communicate with others

When all the sadness into a fist. Hit my chest when My heart has suffered a shock All the sadness from all the channels I rushed out, Tears can not solve everything But the mood could be released Deceiving and being deceived in the world, I was a

The growth is to need how much sorrow to overaly of image of markets and buildings in mirage! Can fall in love with you, so as to know that oneself loves throughout. Much time I too late say to love for time, you turn round to leave me but go. We finish walking the same street, return to two worlds.

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