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发盘 dear sir, we were very pleased to receive your letter of 5th april answering our advertisement for typewriters and, as requested, enclose a copy of our latest illustrated catalogue and current price list. we think the "portable 95" is a machine that

We hv business relations with ABC company for many years,from which we knew your esteemed company and got the information that you dealt with many kinds of textile products. We are one of the biggest woolen sweater manufacturers in USA


Dear Sirs,Well received your email dated 12th Nov.and we are so glad to know that you are push our bicycle in your market.We are much appreciate all your effort to sale our

Dear Sir/Madam:We received your inquiry in 5th July.Because this product is in the biz scale of Sino Imp&Exp. Co.lt,we forwarded your inquiry to them to solve,please contact with them directly.I'd like to introduce ourself to you this time,we are a

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Dear Sirs,Thanks for your confirming order about 5000 pcs women style leather bags.We will fulfill this order with best quality and deliver all goods on time.Please arrange

1. 一切险 all risk 2. 水渍险 w.p.a=with particular average 3. 平安险 f.p.a=free from particular average 4. 额外保险 extra insurance 5. 保险费率 insurance rate 1. the captioned goods 标注的产品 2 survey report 检验报告 3 as a result 结果 4 at one'

1,、According to your request,we will insure at invoice value plus 10%.2、Please insure against F.P.A and War risk for the contract.3、We will effect insurance against W.P.

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