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I am a basketball fan.So My favorite sports star is Yao Ming.He is a good basketball player.So,he is good at playing basketball.I like him very much. Because he is Chinese.And I like playing basketball very much.He can teach me how to play it well.

The famous person I want to talk about is Yaoming, who is a very famous and successful basketball player. Now he lives in Houston, but his hometown is Shanghai, China.He's famous for his height. He'

I am a love sports people. I love the world rankings for the first Chinese badminton players - lindane. Because he has a natural ambition. Lin in addition to natural bold beyond, Lin also extremely rich performance desire, when opponents heavy killed

If you ask me who is My favorite althlete,my answer is LiuXiang .because he is the best runner, he runs very fast.he was the Champion in the Olympics Games in Athens.and he was injured,but he don't give up,he join the game.In London Olympics,

Sports help everyone to keep healthy.My parents like sports very much.But they don't like the same sports and sports stars.My father is a businessman. He is 42 years old. He is very tall.His favorite sport is playing basketball,and his favorite sports

My favorite sports star Liu Guozheng is my favorite sports star. He was born in Wuhan, Hubei Province, on May 7, 1980. He is 1.68 meters tall and weighs 66 kilograms. When he was six years old

The Chinese sport shooter I like best is Wang Yifu who was in terms of Olympic medals one of the most successful sport shooters of all times. He specializes in the 50 m Pistol and 10 m Air Pistol events. Wang won his first Olympic medal in the Los

something about sportsEverybody knows that health is important than anything.And doing exercise can keep our body in good condition.There are many kinds of exercise.As long as it can strengthen us,we callit good sports.For example,I go to

my fabourite sports I have a lot of hobbies,such as playing badminton,playing the piano,and swimming.i really like swimming because i enjoy the feeling in the cool water.i love to swim in summer.under the hot sunshine and dive into the cool water.

Michael Jordan: Basketballs Legend Introduction There have been many great players of the game, some whose names are heard all around the world, others who are talked about every blue moon, but one name that will be heard where ever you go

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