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younger sister , why did you ignore brother? whether did brother do something wrong , younger sister ,i am speechless even if you want to ignore brother, so we are farewell , wish you happy every day and joyful growing up

A joke, Newton because of the apple and make a great contribution to science, is it right? That apple is Samsung better? Now, apple and Samsung has, in my opinion they each has its own merits. I am now using mobile phone is Samsung, so of

We will quarrel with our close friends in the process of our growth, and will comes some conflicts.We are young and have many self-respects ,dislike to make an apologize first.This is my big confuse.

广播员the announcer


A veil has lifted that shrouded my eyes 面纱从我的眼前消去, The folds that lay over me no longer lie 禁锢也从我面前消失. It shines in your infinite smile 你的意味深远的微笑在闪耀着. It was like a gift floating down through the dark 你像那冲破暗

Professor li, I have received your invitation, I will go to the students of the English department to teach a "modern English literature" I will be on December 12, to the han and to stay two weeks, "now English literature" I will be on three times a week, hope can be arranged well, thank you very much!

Li ping, give him the friend write a thank-you letter in Australia, thanked friend all aspects of care, tell himself already come back safe and sound, like the job in the foreign trade work, invited to play sunshine

英语就是 I am looking for the hero/heroine in the story. You are the part that can't be missing.

Russian-born American novelist, experimental base of Mir Nabokov in" Lolita" in the narrative of the first-person narrative method," double" the narrator Henry Bert to excuse the language to the reader in manufacturing led to sympathy, moral

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