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英语达人进,帮我翻译几个短语 一起的

Every detail is exquisite, is to match the high-quality life, fine gauze veil ornament bedroom, full of elegant clever breath, copy is like place oneself a romantic country. 270 degree ultra wide viewing the balcony, the starry night, outdoor and indoor

Wet Floor Gentle Reminder No Taking Food Be Careful Your Child Don't Playing card in house

1. tom is playing games with his friends who are from america. 2. harry is a boy whose mother is our maths teacher. 3. your father is the only person who can help you. 4. i want to finish reading all the books that are written by lu xun. 5. the dumplings

1, I is a specialty of many girls, but I like painting, but also has studied painting for eleven years.2, my favorite team (football) is Brazil, I from small like Brazil. Remember when the Brazil international (often wear uniform, football) from the start in

1. Thank the Singapore Government for giving us this opportunity to thank the school provide the opportunity for this. 2. At home, I am sure that the ideal can be admitted to a university, but universities are charging, my home is not very rich, and you

there is no question on "one knew another better", there is no question on "which is which ",either

1. He believes that he can focus his energy on what he really likes to do after retirement.2. Most doctors think that patients have the right to know the truth about their illnesses.3. We think there's still much to be done in terms of environmental

The passage looks like a bit obscure,but it doesn't counts. You are a brave girl with determination in my eyes.Just believe in yourself! I make sure that you will have a splendid success in the future since you're cherishing a wonderful dream which is always on your mind. In a word, cheer up !请高手多多指教~

儿时的梦:the dreams when i was youny! 梦想的梦(想实现的):i want to realtise my dreams that……

1听打电话给你的我的声音 把你从黑暗拉出来 听到魔鬼"罪的 s 哭声 总是旋转在他上的你的背部2(Everything that I write, all at point concern about of intravenous drop drop you, although you have already leave, I always report have innumerable apology, I can never choice forget you, wish you happiness, I would forever wish you please let me ashamedly say 1-sorry)

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