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The girl is complaining to her parents about the homework that can never be finished.

According to statistics from related departments of China's more than one million pairs a year the couple divorced, the divorce of her parents 1 / 3 of children within five years, felt depressed, the lack of goals and aspirations. Parental divorce on

study achievement is very good, very love their mother, but a little afraid of mother. My mother is a university professor, work hard. Rarely has time to talk with me. For I was too easy to lose his temper. My question is hope to get to know each other. Don't know how to communicate.

Only when he came to the school, did he realized that he left books at home If he knew, he would come to the meeting yesterday There is a new teahouse at the corner he didn't realized the significance of good health until he was ill Children are

Since childhood to the figures feel very keenly, with great curiosity, and has a memory well, because it was that logic 理科生 ability strong, does have organized and serious. other 同龄人 is very discreet. second, while at school this subject.

My friends, we have -- we have come to the end of a long journey. The American people have spoken, and they have spoken clearly. 我的朋友们,我们已经,已经走完了这次漫长的旅程.美国人民已经说出了他们的决定,说得非常清楚. A little

1 Third quarter of an hour 2 at twenty pass four PM on twentieth January two thousand and nine 3 at ten pass eight AM on twenty-sixth July nineteen fifty-five 4 My grandfather is already in his senventies, but is still working on a farm.

我坐在一个空的足球场在我最后一次的高中橄榄球比赛结束几个小时前.我的中场球员我的车队.但事实上,这不是真现在.我是中场球员,因为,正如我所说,这是我最后一场比赛.这是一个好办法,一所高中结束足球生涯(生涯) ,特别是

呵呵,英语就是 the girl is / was complaining to her parents about the endless homework.

Lin grass have another name called mat grass, marrow its can make wick, also call rush, belong to grass family one hundred leaf, spend eye annual plant that Medulla Junci belong to. Chinese mat carelessly stem thick among them, color and luster

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