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肯定的:OK,it's my pleasure! It's my honor

1、祈使句加上please。please能让表示命令的句子变得委婉许多。 2、使用could。用c

口语的: Yep, feel free to use them however you want

1、I'm sorry to bother you, but can you help me

谢谢:thank you(thanks a lot) you are welc

what/how about why not/why don't you can/may

--Could you please help me --Of course, my ple

Can you help me?是这样请求么。。 Can you give me a hand?

表示客气和委婉的请求的句型 1. would you mind + doing …? 你介意…

表示请求的英文短语有以下这些: 1、require somebody to do something

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