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51. The success of the exam depends on the extent of the study hard. (depend on)52. The teacher said a lot about reading skills applies to learning English. (apply to sb.)53. Our class of students aged from 18 to 20 dollars. () to earlier-..54. These

ut I am not good at oral english.I usually cannot speak standard english well. I hope that my teacher can help me with my english in the high school, which makes my classmates laugh. I often make stupid mistakes during my tests and lose so many makes that I cannot get high marks and have no improvement


Notice Comparing the situation because of the recent tension, we must always prepare you I will be here at the warehouse will be free acquisition, and would like to inform! 就是这样

because the old are not being taken good care of, our company producted a lot of domestic robots.the robots have many functions as followed:making dinner at the set time for the old may forget to cook;chating ,playing chess and doing excerise

First of all, the exhibition space on the significance of the design. Now let me speak about the significance of design at the same time, also asked the significance of the design features, and then talk about the features, I talked about the following

Beginning of the 17th century European cross-harbor immigrants came to North America, in the face of strange and harsh new environment, had to struggle for survival. They work from morning to night almost did not have time to engage in

Suitable for cough, headache caused by flu. Take 1-2 tablets/pills before meals, thrice daily, to be taken for 3-5 daysMay caused drowninessNot to be taken with fishes, wines and spicy food.

Understand you have 2 years pyronaridine fast! 明白你有两年的时间??????? Still remember last year, you then take care of me, care me, love me ````` 仍旧记得去年,你那时照顾我,关心我,爱我…… Far too many, I do not know how to

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