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Baby, good morning good morning honey

早上好宝贝儿Good morning, babe babe 英[beb] 美[beb] n. 婴儿; 姑娘; 天真幼稚的人; [其他] 复数:babes

早上好,亲爱的宝贝 Good morning, dear baby.早上好 int. good morning misc. Morning.例句:对每个人说“早上好”.Say "Good morning" to everyone. 在一些大公司,人们彼此之间可能甚至不会说“早上好”.In some big offices, people might not even say “good morning” to one another. 他向她打招呼,说“早上好”.He greeted her by saying “Good morning”.希望能帮助到你,望采纳!!!

Good morning,honey!I love you only!


对的文法应该是: Good morning, Baby 希望采纳

good morning,my dear baby, You're the Only one that I want to give my whole love.早上好,我亲爱的宝贝,你是唯一让我想付出我整个爱的人

好 g00d,morning,b0bby的翻译为:早上好,鲍比

女儿早上好Good morning,my daughter.但实际上不会说女儿早上好,多数会说亲爱的早上好,或者小甜心早上好,如:Good morning,sweet heart.Good morning,dear.

早上好的英语:good morning.早上好的短语:ood morning everyone 大家早上好 good morning world 大地早上好 good morning little black pig 早上好小黑猪 good morning and good night 早上好、晚安 frien问问ds two good morning 两位朋友

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