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A: Good morning Sir.B: Good morning, how may I help you today.A: I'm looking for a part-time job, is there any job position opening at this store?B: Yes, there is! Do you mind fill up this application form, and we will set up a interview for you as soon

We don't offer deliveryYou can sit here while waiting, but you can also walk around and come back in about 20 minutesThis is spicy, it that ok?I have to ask my manager, wait

采访球员 A: Hi, Jim. I'm writing a book about basketball. Can you give me some information?A: 嗨,Jim. 我正在写一本关于篮球的书.你能给我讲些篮球知识吗?B: With pleasure! What do you want to know?B: 非常乐意.你想了解些什么呢?

A What kind of jobs you are looking for? 你打算找什么样的工作? B I am looking for jobs for fresh graduates. It is better related to management and administration. 我想找一份适合应届毕业生的工作,最好是和管理有关. A Do you mind frequent

标题:大学生是否应该兼职(take a part time job)Title: If Collage Students Should Take Part Time Jobs大学生是否应该兼职是热门话题之一,我觉得,兼职既有积极的一面,又有消极的一面Whether collage students should take part time jobs is

It is popular among university students to do part-time job. Is this behavior good or bad? Some people think it brings many advantages to the students, while there are another people consider that part-time job is not worth the candle. As far as I am

温柔应对打错的电话—— 一日午夜,睡梦中突然——“铃~~铃”电话暴响.“谁这么晚还打电话?”揉揉惺忪睡眼, 黑暗中摸起电话.——“喂,谁呀?” “大舅,是我.” “哦,是你呀外甥.” “大舅,您身体好吗?” “挺好的.” “我

ADid you have a part-time job when you were still in school? 你读书期间有没有兼职工作的经验?BNo, I was way too busy studying all the time. How about you?没有,我总是忙着学习,你呢?AYeah, I worked about twenty hours a week in a pizza


中文:你在做什么?对话可这样写:I am playing basketball!希望我的回答能帮到你,感谢!

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