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我们的产品保修一年,如果一年内遇到问题 Anyproduct made in our company is to be guaranteed to keep in good repair within a year, and if you have any problems with it during the year we are responsible for the following (回译:我公司生产的

In USA,the political status of colored races have been raised. there're quite a few associations formed, for instance, the National Asssociation for the Advancement of Colored People, which is a national organisation consisted by white and black

I will infrom you as soon as I get the materials from him.地道的翻译就不能直译.百度教育团队【海纳百川团】为您解答请点击“选为满意答案”按钮,

"Outside the circle" by Chinese as being the highest level of idioms at Texas instruments, general manager for greater China semiconductor technology company, namely enterprise kuo is the best answer. He explained that the so-called "circle

With goods and materials management information system development as the background, this paper mainly aims at the design of warehouse material management system module, include the overall structure and database design of the system.

Hearing from you, I said to my parents that you and your family all wanted me to pay a visit to Australia. I negotiated with my parents and decided that I would go to Australia to know about the life there just following your parents opinion. After all, we

you need to be brave, strong confident, don't let anyone reach your heart, don't shred a tear for anything.

I want to redeem you. My lover, just you do not know how I love you. Perhaps my love has injured you. Perhaps you dislike me even more. But I need your love. I love you. I am stingy, but I only need a little repayments. Your care once in a while. Propping up the speech phrase at ordinary times.

During these two weeks. basically I haven't studied hard, because I have to register for senior high school, and fill in the forms. The arts and physical examinations will be held in these two weeks. We are hesitating, thinking about which school we will

I thought that you came to Chengdu purposely to see me, but you said that you only wanted to visit the famous bridge. How disappointed I am! I don't know if it is because of the wrong translation by Google online. Do you recall that once I was holding

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