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自己翻译的英文 谁能帮我看一下

Chinese abstract:Japanese students in learning the Chinese language, tone acquisition is one of the difficulties, and softly occupies an important position in the Chinese tone of voice. In this paper, through the analysis of Japanese students in the

Silly anticipated that your reply, clearly knew will not have any result. The winter has come, is looking at outside dull the window, tear, full wet eye socket. Actually does not stop deceives itself. The keyboard incapable knocks is moving, is writing my

With the acceleration of economic globalization in recent years, the diversification strategy, being of advantages for enterprises of avoiding risks, occupying market and optimizing inner resources, has drawn more and more attentions by Chinese and overseas scholars and economists.

Fan Xiaoxue


1. receipt of sweet sms, i remember that smile, and then delete.2. think of ways to make money, not how to save money.3. anger, when the number to 30, and then to speak.4. like things their own efforts to buy, do not expect someone else to send.5.

Good evening sir: it's my great honor to be here. please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lijun, born in Xi'an. After graduation from Xi'an Aviation College, i did a lot of jobs concerning the service industry. Therefore i'm familiar with the process of the

都走的好孤独I feel lonely这句话确实不理解;前面的句子都是意译出来的,没有什么对与错了,看了一下,没有发现什么语法错误.我 怀疑,这是你自己翻译的?如果是,这样的英语水平不需要怀疑对与错了


欢迎回来,以历史舞台哟..斯利姆黑幕!哟..我会****英寸.我会..我会呕吐,吃它,和Freak你( eww )战争?我太淘汰说话唯一的关键,我看打败你我将删除这两个阿迪达斯击败你并迫使饲料你'时间都,并在每个脚是理擦鞋我会取消你关闭你的

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