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因为interviewed的对象(宾语)是Candy Wang,这已经是个具体的人了,就不能用冠词了.其他的19-year-old啦,Asian pop star啦,都是Candy Wang的修饰语.

two years later when you are fourteen years old and your sister is seven years old.

10岁性别如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

64-67 BDCB64.B 推理判断题,可用逻辑推断法来解.由原文第四节首句Most of my 表明B与原文事实相符,原文第二节Also Japan lies third on their list of Asian


看国产片很好总体来说很好 相信您在知道这个平台 一定会有满意的收获 如果有疑问可以继续追问我哦 希望能够帮助您,如果满意记得采纳哦啊


Sometimes the feelings just one person's things. And any person who has nothing to do. Love, or love, can only be the fault itself. The wound is to the shame of others, adhere to the illusion of its own. Many people do not goodbye, because it is only

是an 18-year-old girl 不定冠词是由紧靠其后的单词的第一个音决定的,18的第一个音诗元音,因此用an.

Lil Candy - 18 Year Old Tiny Girl Receives Creampie.wmv种子下载地址: 祝您观影愉快~

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