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Twenty years later, at that time, I may be a people's teacher. I will study hard, study a lot of good teaching methods, to make my students to master the knowledge better and faster, relaxed and happy. I will use my diligent brush, teaching, to write more

Now I am 30 years old. I am very tall and strong.So I choose the job as a police officer. I am willing to help all the people. I'm a little handsome I think.I have straight hair. I'm now living in BEIJING. My favourite sport is table tennis . I always play the table

Perhaps 20 year after I, become a genuine nurse.In the surgery table, the hospital ward, take saves from impending death assists the wounded as the inherent responsibilities, fulfills duty fulfills responsibility.At that time, my had to invent one new


20年后的我20 years later I夜,静静的,只有桌上的闹钟在滴滴答答的响着.我坐在窗前,透过窗户,凝视着满天闪烁的繁星,陷入了对未来的遐想.20年后的今天,我会是个什么样子?在干什么呢?Night, quietly, only the alarm clock is ticking

20年后的我20 years after I20年后的我是一个养花专家,为了让花园的花开得灿烂、娇艳,我尽心尽力,费尽心机,而我辛苦的劳动并没有白白付出,换来了人们一串串欣赏的目光,一张张快乐的脸.20 years later I was a flower to experts, in

I will become more and more richer after twenty years .Everything will change.For example: I will not go to schoool for study,I won't go out to work. Because I will become an egineer in computer.I will only stay at home to teach ourselves with computer.

about my future job I have never thought of my future job before, not because I don't care, but because I don't even have a clue. This morning, when I woke up, suddenly, I felt a kind of worry. If I work in a company, then the work wounld not exhaust my

My ideal - Magic I want to be a magician not lie, sometimes, I also wanted to be a magician because I want to use my magic to change this planet.Sometimes, I want to be a magician because I want to use my magic to make the sky bluer, the water

20 years later, my Blink of an eye, the uncle will be celebrating his birthday, and my uncle called to say hello. God I do not know, ghost not feel. My mistake was allocated a number! "Hey," calls the other end sounded a voice. "Hey, are you uncle?

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