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deepside deejays 的 never be alonehttp://music.baidu.com/search?fr=ps&key=deepside%20deejays%20never%20be%20alone&ie=utf-8

《Never Be Alone》 - Deepside Deejayshttp://www.kuwo.cn/yinyue/4314971/

Good Time (美好时光62616964757a686964616fe78988e69d8331333431366265) - Owl City (猫头鹰之城)/Carly Rae Jepsen Lyrics by:Adam Young/Matthew Thiessen/Brian Lee Composed by:Adam Young/Matthew Thiessen/Brian Lee Woah

drag me down?

Deepside Deejays 的 Look Into My Eyes可是这个

Deepside Deejays - Look Into My Eyes 歌词Come look into my eyesCause all i need is loveOoo, how many daysI found myself awayAnd now I need to stayOoo, I know this faceI know how does it feelWhen rain is on your skinOoo, how much I feelI

抖音上火了很多英文歌……都曾经霸屏抖音,火过一段时间 像《after the party》(洗茶小姐姐火了好几首),《blow your mind》,《booty music》,《colors》,《despacito》,《dura》,《disco inferno》,《genius》,《gucci prada》,《handclap 》,

第一首:Never Be Alone - Deepside Deejays第三首:Oci Andela - Colonia

《Never Be Alone》Deepside DeejaysI'll never be alone, be alone, be alone,Cause you are in my soul, in my soul, in my soulI'll never make you cry, make you cry, make you cryYou give me sunrise with your smileI'll never be aloneTurn the lightsA lil'

是“You can count on me”吧?歌名是《Conut On Me》

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