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must hAvE DonE列句

must have done过去一定做了某事,根据baimust的本意即可推敲出意思.The lights were out. They must have been asleep. 灯灭了,他们应该睡du觉了.The ground is wet.It must have rained last night.地面很湿,昨晚一定是下过雨了.You must

I noticed that he did not wear a watch and realized that he must have lost it on his way home.我注意到他没有戴手表,意识到他一定在回家的路上丢了.

不能用must be done的形式.因为must have done强调的是动作已经完成.can't和couldn't是可以通用的,但是后者的语气较委婉.

must have done sth.一定做某事.表示对过去事情的较有把握的推测,这时只能用在肯定句中,“肯定/必须已经干过…”,在否定句和疑问句中用can't或couldn't或can/ could,例如:1.From what you said, she must have told you all about it.从你的

词组 意为一定做了

She must have loved deeply.

你好^^ 情态动词+动词完成时,即情态动词+have+done.表示对过去的行为或动作进行推测,评论或者判断.1.must have done.表示对过去某事的肯定猜测,其否定或疑问形式都用can/could来表示.例如:since the road is wet,it must have rained

must have done表示对过去的猜测,"一定已经做了",是主动语态

是的,一定是肯定.must have done 表示 猜测过去一定是做过了什么事情.例如:the ground is wet. it must have rained last night. 地面很湿,昨晚一定是下过雨了.(肯定性的猜测)must do 表示 现在一定要做某事例如:i must go home now. 我现在必须要回家了.(肯定性的表达)

should have done 表示假设, 过去应该做而没有做含有责备的意思. 如; you should have done your home work earlier. could have done 表示假设, 与过去的事实相反. 如:he could have been very rich, but he cared for no money at all. must have done 对过去的动作的推测. 如; you must have seen him yesterday. 你昨天一定看到他了.

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