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英文原文:once upon a time 英式音标:[wns] [pn] [; e] [tam] 美式音标:[wns] [pn] [e] [tam]

一、哼的读音:hē抄ng,hng 二、汉字释义:[ hēng ]1.表示痛苦的声音:他的伤很重bai,但没~一声.2.轻声随口地唱:他经常~着du小曲.[ hng ] (h与单纯zhi的舌根鼻音拼合的音)表示不满意或不信任的声音:~,我才dao不理他!

once upon a time [英][wns pn taim][美][wns pn e tam] 从前; 例句: 1. Once upon a time there was a simple answer. 从前曾经有过一个十分简单的答案. 2. Once upon a time that was me. 曾经那种人里就有我

英文原文:wishing once upon a time 英式音标:[w] [wns] [pn] [; e] [tam] 美式音标:[w] [wns] [pn] [e] [tam]

连读On^ce^u po^n^a time

Don't tell me to live with memories;别让我活在记忆里Once upon a time;;; 曾经Don't tell it again,I can't;;; 别再说 我不能having you living in my body;;;拥有你

曾几何时,我就爱看见妈有这样的反应,作为报复她从小就掉下我不管. 我觉得有如骨鲠在喉,欲吐不出,欲咽不能. 我不自觉地伸手去抓他的手.很快我的双手都已鼓起拳头. 或者,她(Viktoria)会挣?反抗,全身而退,再跟您或学院联系.

[图文] onceuponatime?onceuponatime,therewasaswanwith完形填空

(1)Mr Dong Guo met (a wounded )on his way home.(2)The wolf asked him ( for help ).(3)Mr Dong Guo felt ( sorry )and saved it.(4)The wolf wanted to eat Mr Dong Guo ,because it was hungry.(5)Finally,the farmer came and ( killed the cruel wolf with his hoe.).

who:a king & an artist what: the king asks the artist to draw a beautiful horse for him when:one year later after the day the king required the artist where:the artist's workroom why:it takes the artist much time to practise how to draw a beautiful horse how:the artist practised drawing everyday.

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