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应该是the importance of. important 是个形容词,importance 才是名词,绝对不会出现the important of 这种说法

第一个最大的区别是:没有the important of .只有 the importance of 出现的可能. of代表一种归属,所属,这里一般用法等同于某人某事物所属“的”的这个“的”字.表达的是某某事物的重要性.重要性,重要之处那是名词词性的.

of是介词,后接动词ing形式 所以是the importance of doing

The Importance of Education Education determines whether a country can be strong. It is ordinary for each country to take notice of education, and, at the same time, to send more persons abroad so that they can learn a lot from the advanced

the importance of.的重要性

across the world many cultures have their own disinguishing games. although the most of these cultures created the games themselves many of these games have similar attributes.one readon for this is that people everywhere find games

The importance of Study Study is very important, and plays a very significant role in modern society, should you know about this? study English, Study engineering, study management skill, study science and technology, study everything which make

The importance of EnglishEnglish is currently the most wide spread language in the world, it is second only to Mandarin Chinese in terms of the amount of people which speak it. English can be used as a lunguage in any part of the world, though the

nobody can deny the importance of the internet 没有人能否认互联网的重要性 the importance of 的重要性 双语例句 they have a stronger appreciation of the importance of economic incentives.他们对经济激励的重要性有了更深的理解.

The Importance of Water As we all know, plants and animals need water. So do the people's life and production, t,ife couldn't go on without water. With the rapid development of agriculture and industry, more and more water is needed. Therefore,

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