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Feist - That's What I Say, It's Not What I Mean 这就是我说的是什么,这是我的意思是不是有什么 Here I am, hopeful ...

what you say 释义: 你说什么. 网络: 你说什么,你所说的话,你所说的. 短语: what do you say怎么样,你说什么,你说的什么。 What would you say你会怎麽说,你怎麽说。

这个应当是相当于what if的用法,其实我个人理解的就是相当于what do you say if

哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈先容我笑会儿,确定不是what the fox say嘛哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

不是女声,但很配合你的歌词 What Say _Tritt Travis? Eminem - Say What You Say ? WHAT YOU SAY - Toxique Dia Frampton - Walk Away Britney Spears布兰妮 - E-mail my heart 是女声,且很配合你的歌词 谢谢鱼仁霜提供资料!

what did you say?

Nada Surf - I Like What You Say Emergency above Put on your hard hats and invisible gloves What's going on I was on the wagon, I thought I was done You have to watch out When one falls in, another came out You say, I like what ...

wha- wha- what did she say Mmmm whatcha say Mmm that you only meant well well of course you did Mmmm whatcha say Mmmm that it′s all for the best of course it is I was so wrong for so long only tryin′ to please myself (myself) g...

··········这是baby face的歌·······下面的那个说的那句歌词

walk away

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